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New Talent Show 2021 Featured Artist Exhibition Space

Bodega Bijou

Wall Space Size

Our New Talent Showcase runs from February 2nd until March 15th 2021, with one additional week either side of these dates for you to hang your space/collect your work. Spaces are limited to just 26 featured artists and will sell out quickly: early booking is advisable for the show, and gives you time to prepare your work.

Celebrating our roster of emerging, diverse voices studying or working in the field of Illustration, this showcase puts you and your work in the spotlight. It’s also a great time of year to take advantage of national holidays including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day - make sure you make some greetings cards to sell too! At a much cheaper price than our regular exhibitions, the New Talent Showcase is a great way to test your art out on the public and see how it sells before committing to a longer term exhibition with us. 

Our Featured Artist Exhibition Spaces for illustrators include a Wall Space which is available in two sizes: Large (Width 56cm / Height 56cm) or Medium (Width 36cm / Height 56cm). Lit by spotlights, they present your work to our customers in a beautiful and engaging way. 

Each wall space has a small optional shelf accessory from which to sell postcards or display business cards to elicit commissions. In addition, we include a Greetings Card Rack. This is an individual bamboo print rack from which you can sell up to around 30 greetings cards or mini prints up to A5 in size.

Also, you can present larger prints - up to A2 size - for sale in one of our shared Browser Racks

And that’s not all! You also have the opportunity to participate in one of our seasonal Online, Interactive Exhibitions in our Virtual Gallery - extending the reach of your customer base to a global market. Check out one of our current online exhibitions to see how great these are; attracting visitors from around the world our virtual shows have been featured in Forbes

We'll also help you create a Fine Art Giclee Print of the piece you choose to display in the virtual gallery to sell in our online store. To book your space simply upload a sample illustration using the button above, add to cart, and checkout: you can download your Artist Guidebook at the checkout which includes all the information you need to prepare for the show, or you will receive an email with a link to download it after your booking has been processed.

You will receive a confirmation email that your order has been fulfilled: you are now all booked in for the show. If you can, stop by the gallery to say hello. However, if we think you might have more success in a Craft Fair or Fine Art gallery, we will refund your order - so please check our T&C's before ordering because we really hate to have to turn anyone away.


  • Either a Large 56cm/56cm or Medium 56cm/36cm Wall Space to display your work.
  • An exhibition of your work in the heart of Falmouth High Street staffed five days per week.
  • We take just 10% commission on all your sales for the duration of the exhibition and pay you for your sales every month.
  • Artist Guidebook PDF to help you prep for the exhibition. 
  • Each Wall space comes with a little shelf accessory for displaying business cards, small products and merch or postcards.
  • Your own, additional, bamboo card rack to display up to 30 greetings cards or A5 prints.
  • Present one large piece for sale on the wall, or multiple smaller pieces.
  • Restock when your inventory runs low whenever you like for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Additional use of the shared browser print racks - sell up to 3 large prints at a time (up to A2 size).
  • £750 Exhibition Insurance cover included.
  • Additional "Virtual Gallery" exhibition space online.
  • Additional Giclee Print of your work to sell online.
  • A Bodega Bijou Badge! (Collect yours in store!)




Vendor: Bodega Bijou