❤️ Illustrator? Book your Exhibition Space now in our next Show! ❤️

This area of our website is for exhibitors participating in our shows only. It is a space for exhibitors to upload their artwork for their forthcoming Virtual Exhibition.

If you are taking part in one of our exhibitions, please click on the "Virtual Show Space" below, upload your artwork (click the button on the product page) and checkout. The cost of this is absolutely free and you won't be charged: we just need you to upload your artwork here so we can make sure that your submitted work has the correct image requirements and format.

Please name your file using the TITLE of your piece - for example “Self_Portrait.jpg”

Images for the virtual exhibition need to be in the following format:

File Type: JPEG, JPG or PNG only

Aspect: Landscape

Size: A4 (297 x 210mm)

Minimum Pixels: 3508 x 2480 pixels

Maximum Pixels: 6,000 x 6,000 pixels

DPI: 300 DPI