Terms & Conditions


If you are purchasing one of our Vendor Subscriptions then you are agreeing to rent a space at Bodega Bijou, and you agree to a MINIMUM SUBSCRIPTION TERM of three months before you may cancel your subscription. This is because you need time to meet us, prepare work to sell with us, hang your work, sell it, and get paid! To rent a space at Bodega Bijou you must also be an artist who identifies primarily as an illustrator and lives, works or studies in Cornwall - with a current Cornish postal address. This is because you must be able to visit the gallery in person, or with the assistance of a friend or relative, to deliver and hang your work or restock: we unfortunately cannot accept or return work submitted by mail. All Vendors must also have obtained Public & Product Liability Insurance before selling with us: this is a requirement for sellers of goods in shops and markets in the UK (you can get yours in a few clicks HERE from the A-N Artist Network, who offer annual insurance for artists from just £15). We agree to pay you 90% commission on your sales for the duration of your term, at the end of every month. Your work must be your own original creation, not incite hatred or violence towards others, and you should own the full copyright to the work. We do not sell jewellery, crafts or fine art such as oil paintings. In our Falmouth Gallery we only sell unframed prints (unless framed prints are ordered through our Stockroom), original paintings and drawings, postcards, greetings cards, or small illustrated merch such as enamel pins, stickers and stationary. We regret we cannot sell jewellery, precious metals, ceramics, fine art such as oil paintings or sculpture. Once we have verified you are an illustrator with a Cornish home address, we will confirm your order and take payment: please visit us at the gallery within one fortnight of subscribing to introduce yourself and provide us with details of a Bank Account to pay you your commission. Space rentals are non-refundable and non-exchangeable (ie: you can't rent a space and then sublet it to a friend) so please make sure you are really serious about selling your work and exhibiting to the public. If you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so after your initial three month term at any time by logging in to your customer portal at the "Sign in" tab in the top menu. Your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect and you will no longer be billed. You may continue to sell your work with us until the end of your current subscription period, when all items in our online store and gallery created by you will be removed from sale. You agree to collect your work from our gallery within one week of your subscription term ending. You agree to the fair use of product images we create featuring your illustrations to be shared on our website and social media, as this helps promote you and encourages sales of your products (we will tag you and your products in our social media too). Should the gallery have to close for any unforeseen circumstances, we will continue to supply you with any online exhibitions you are participating in and our online gift store until we are able to reopen or the end of your subscription term.